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Urban Crop Solutions Presents Variable Climate Biosphere at GLEX 2021

30 June '21

The Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX) 2021 celebrated the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceflight, and the marking of humankind’s spaceflight era. The conference took place in St Petersburg, Russia, from the 14th to the 18th of June and brought together several leaders and decision-makers within the science and space exploration community to discuss recent findings, and innovative solutions to current challenges. Serge Ameye was in attendance to represent Urban Crop Solutions, and to present the Variable Climate Biosphere.

UCS GLEX2021(2)

The Variable Climate Biosphere is a macro life support system, designed by Serge Ameye and Maarten Vandecruys, that aims to create the best suited environment for humans and plants to thrive together during extended periods of isolation, either on another planet – namely, the Moon and Mars, or on Earth in an underground shelter. The assumption is that humans will in both instances, use lava tunnels or caves as their first life of defence against radiation and sandstorms.

The envelope of the solution is a construction from readily available lava or basalt made geopolymers, and titanium-reinforced walls and roof, while the inside is lined with titanium plate. The interior of the biosphere simulates accurately the weather conditions of any major climate zones on planet Earth. The tests that have been run have proven that lava and basalt granules form a perfect substrate for plants in fully controlled environments – beating those obtained from open field cultures in terms of nutritional qualities, yield and organic substrates used in vertical farming.

UCS at Glex

Video report

Urban Crop Solutions Presents Award Winning Variable Climate Biosphere at GLEX 2021

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