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17th Thomas More International Days

Theme of 2022: "Skills for the future: helping students build a sustainable world"

The results of SCK CEN in the SpaceBakery project will be disseminated in this event.


Geel - Registration closed



With the EU's 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, it's more clear than ever that SDG's apply to all countries across the globe. Societal challenges in areas such as climate, technology, demography and democracy require international collaboration. To tackle today's issues creating and sharing knowledge across disciplines and across borders is thus essential.

  • In what ways can we bring our students together so that they have an increased international exposure? 
  • How do we integrate SDG's in our curriculum? And how do we make our students active change agents? 


The International Days 2022 are a call to take action and seize opportunities to further internationalise your curricula and deepen our collaborations as partners! Because we strongly believe that "If you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far, you go together."

Staff members of our partner institutes, who want to come under the staff training program, will have a suitable program devised for them.
You will preferably stay in a hotel in the town where most of your teaching/staff activities take place. Your Thomas More contacts will suggest the most suitable town to stay in but of course we will take care of transport in between the towns. During the whole program, there will be many networking possibilities with colleagues, representatives from companies and organisations we work with, and of course our students! Our guests combine the programme organised by the department of their specific field of study with the central day ( Tuesday March 15th) offered to all our guests. 



There is no subscription fee. Guests only need to book accommodation and travel arrangements themselves. For partners inside the EU and KA107 partners, we support the Erasmus+ teaching exchange/staff training programme and will provide the necessary documents.

We recommend guests to only travel fully vaccinated. Please consult these pages to stay updated on the latest travel measures to come to Belgium. 

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