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  • 20 May '22

    Kale, basil and wheat trials - by Urban Crop Solutions

    Since January 2020, plant scientists at Urban Crop Solutions have been conducting trials on kale, basil, and wheat, at their in-house Research Centre, as part of one of two work packages for the SpaceBakery project. The purpose of the ongoing trials is to generate data for the AI model, and to ultimately obtain, through AI, the optimum growth recipes to increase yields and quality. Plant scientists at the Research Centre have been performing trials periodically – the data for which, is being collected by sensors on a daily basis.

  • Drone
    29 April '22

    A pollinating nanodrone

    One of the main challenges to achieving sustainable food production on Mars is to develop an innovative approach to pollinate crops. On Mars, relying on biological agents such as bee colonies is undesirable or even impossible due to the difficulties in setting up the ecosystems. Rather, a more promising approach is to pollinate crops using autonomous machines. In the SpaceBakery project, Magics Technology leverages their expertise in developing robotic systems and machine learning algorithms to build a prototype of robotic pollinators that can locate and approach crops without any manual intervention. To this end, nanodrones have been selected as the most suitable robot due to their versatility and small form factor that enable navigation through the crops and narrow spaces.

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